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Launch of a live, interactive application for the India Country Partnership Strategy

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The new, recently launched interactive application, "OpenIndia", lays out the World Bank Group's entire India program in a transparent and easy-to-use manner.  It visualizes the program—Financing and Analytical & Advisory Assistance (AAA)—through the lens of Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), and allows the user to learn about the country's development challenges and track the World Bank Group's (WBG) programs to address them.

Country Partnership Strategy For India

Browse "OpenIndia" to learn about the three CPS areas of engagement: integration, transformation, and inclusion.  Click further and learn about (a) the outcomes the WBG program is striving to achieve; (b) the reference and project level indicators that help measure progress; and (c) individual projects and activities.  At the heart of "OpenIndia" is the CPS results matrix, which includes:

  • Key country-level development challenges
  • 19 country-level outcomes
  • 33 project level, reference indicators answering questions such as "how many students are enrolled in secondary education, and against what target"?

The dynamic site, optimized for tablet devices, tracks implementation progress of the CPS - especially the program shift to a more pronounced engagement in India's 14 low-income and special category states, in urban development, and mainstreaming gender across the whole program.

An accompanying dataset, collected from official government sources, gives the data enthusiast a chance to delve deeper into India's challenges by exploring almost 100 subnational and sectoral indicators including economy, education, health, urbanization, transportation, power, financial inclusion, access to water and sanitation, and more. Using the DataBank query tool, users can download granular data on indicators as varied as national highways, social inclusion, access to local hospitals, and more. They can also create customized queries, generate tables, visualize data and easily save and embed these reports. As an example, in the chart below, one can see the number of government hospitals in ten of the most populous states.

Gov. hospitals in Indian states, 2012

For more information, visit the OpenIndia website at (; visit  the information page at; or download data directly from the Databank query tool.

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