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Little Green Data Book 2012

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The new Little Green Data Book 2012 is now available, featuring a compilation of environmental data for more than 200 countries.


The publication provides comprehensive data on countries’ natural capital, including agricultural land, forests, protected areas, and water resources—information that can help policymakers, communities and other stakeholders to take into account the value of natural assets and their role in development. As countries grow, pressure on land and water increases, threatening ecosystems, such as forests, rivers and soil productivity, and livelihoods in countries with few resources to cope with the loss.

This year’s release introduces a new set of indicators on the state of the world’s oceans, highlighting the role of oceans in economic development. The Little Green Data Book's focus on oceans illustrates the need for countries to “measure and manage” their natural assets.

For more information, see Little Green Data Book 2012 or download the data (XLS).

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