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Mapping the Bank’s response to Haiti’s earthquake

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The World Bank Group’s response to Haiti’s earthquake can be seen through the recently completed Mapping For Results Haiti page ( This pilot website aims to visualize the location of World Bank projects and to provide access to information about indicators, sectors, funding and results. Currently, the Mapping For Results platform provides the geographic location of World Bank financed programs at the sub-national level and the ability to overlay disaggregated poverty and human development data (i.e. infant mortality rates).

More than 12,000 specific project locations for 1,251 active Bank- financed projects across 42 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, 27 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines were geo-coded by an experienced team of researchers and geo-coders using publicly-available project documentation. As part of the Bank's Open Development approach, and to support the Apps for Development Challenge, the geo-coded project data has been made available to the public on a pilot basis through the API of the Open Data Initiative and the Mapping for Results Platform.

The maps help visualize the data. The challenge going forward will be to provide more and better data to increase knowledge and improve decision making for everyone from researchers to civil society groups.

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