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Mobile Apps for Health, Jobs and Poverty Data

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If open data is the key to unlocking knowledge and information, then our free, new mobile apps knock down the door.

Family of data, family of apps

The DataFinder apps for iOS and Android use an intuitive interface to present the Bank’s open data for you to explore, analyze and share directly from your smartphone or tablet. The first DataFinder app featured a general selection of data from the World Development Indicators, and today we have new apps focusing on Jobs, Health and Poverty Data. With these apps, you don’t need to be a statistician to navigate charts and maps of development data. 

Our mobile apps interface makes it quick and easy to pull up data.


App: Jobs

The Jobs DataFinder lets you navigate stats on jobs, skills, human capital and business environments. This app is built on the same data that powers the Jobs Data Portal and allows you to sort data by country, group, or indicator, and visualize it by table, chart, or map.

Options for data visualization include maps, for when your scope is more global.


Users can also instantly generate line graphs and numeric tables.


App: Poverty and Inequality Indicators

Looking for data on poverty? The Poverty & Inequality Indicators app provides access to the Bank’s indicators on global, national and regional poverty data. As with the other apps, if makes all metadata available to users.

App: Health, Nutrition and Population Data

The new HealthStats app pulls data from the World Bank’s comprehensive database of Health, Nutrition and Population statistics. It includes over 250 indicators using the same data that powers the newly launched HealthStats portal. Like all our other apps, you can share what you discover via email, Twitter and Facebook and if you have a question, you can send us a query right from your mobile device.

Remember – our open data is free to use and re-use, for commercial and non-commercial purposes. All the apps above are freely available and can be downloaded from our apps page: - which will take you to the app marketplace for your platform. Enjoy!


Leila Rafei

Development Data Consultant

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