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New and improved DataFinder 2.0 app now available

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The new version of the World Bank’s DataFinder 2.0 is now available for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. This application is part of the World Bank’s Open Data Initiative to make development data more accessible and easier to use. Users can create their own data tables and charts from 50 years of World Bank data on more than 1,100 global social and economic indicators for around 200 countries and 25 country groups – all of which can be used in presentations, projects, and shared via email. Users can also view selections of the data by topic based on the Bank’s popular Little Data Book series. The DataFinder 2.0 is a useful tool for students, professors, economists, researchers – or anyone wanting to learn more and explore global economic indicators and trends.

Quick view of data by theme

The DataFinder 2.0 application uses the World Bank’s popular "Little Data Book" series to organize the indicators into useful "quick view" pages on individual countries and economies. Users have the ability to choose from several themes that include: general development (The Little Data Book), debt (The Little Data Book on External Debt), environment (The Little Green Data Book), information technology and communication (The Little Data Book on ICT), trade (The Little Data Book on Trade), and private sector development and business (The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development).


Improved visualizations and features

The Data tab provides access to the underlying dataset for exploration via tables and charts. Each report represents a selection of countries and indicators and can be visualized in either table or chart form.

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Since the launch of the first DataFinder application, major improvements have been made, including the ability to:

  • Switch between table, line and bar chart
  • View data in tabular form
  • Display charts with more than one country and more than one indicator
  • Navigate forward/backward between countries and indicators
  • Switch between country and indicator views
  • Edit the selection of countries, indicators, and years
  • Adjust the rounding and units of data series
  • Adjust the scale and precision of the report
  • Add current reports to Favorites
  • Share reports via email and CSV files

An improved Favorites tab has also been added to provide quick access to sections of the Little Data Books and data reports bookmarked by the user. Users have the ability to remove individual entries and reorganize them.

The DataFinder 2.0 supports the latest iPhone, iTouch, and iPad platforms, including iPhone 4. For more information, please visit or email


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