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New features

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We're pleased to announce new features on including:

Triple the amount of data on the site

We've increased the indicators on the site from 339 to more than 1,200, including the full World Development Indicators dataset, all of which are also available in the API.

New and improved Data Catalog

The Data Catalog has been revamped and includes more datasets and improved information about each.

Gradient maps and full screen mapping

You can now visualize the data in maps as points or shaded gradients: Image

Dynamic graphing

Build your own graph by navigating to an indicator page - add countries, regions or income groups to the graph. You can compare one country to another, or compare a country to its region or income group. Image


Everything can be a widget! We really want to make it easy for you to drop the data into your site or blog. Each indicator’s table, map and graph has an embed link and you can just grab the code and put it into your web site: Image

Giving code back to the community

The Drupal module that powers is now open sourced and available for anyone to use: We look forward to seeing what other Drupal teams can build using this module.


We've really enjoyed building these new features with your input. Please contact us anytime with feedback.

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