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The New Jobs Data Portal

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The World Bank has just added the Jobs data portal to its collection of freely available data and tools. The new data portal provides a data dashboard for any developing region or country and covers all dimensions of jobs – employment, economic structure, human capital, labor market institutions, and the business environment. The portal contains tables, charts, and maps as well as download files and access to all the underlying data through our latest data visualization and sharing application, Databank.

The Jobs data portal is just one part of, the new website developed by the Jobs Knowledge Platform (JKP). The JKP is one of several Bank-supported knowledge platforms which seek the co-generation of knowledge on transformational issues for the future. Much of the site’s content will be crowd-sourced and user-generated, opening up the dialogue about jobs to the broadest possible community. The site will also feature blogs by prominent thought leaders, policy notes written with partnering institutions.

The most exciting resources featured on are the “The Working Wiki” and “The Conversation.” “The Working Wiki” is an open report on jobs and labor practices that complements the forthcoming 2013 World Development Report (WDR) on Jobs. Users can write, edit, share their ideas and upload visual content. “The Conversation” is a place for people to upload short, informal video posts that address some of the most difficult questions around the questions related to jobs.

The Jobs knowledge platform, and the Jobs data portal embody the ongoing shift in the Bank toward open data, open knowledge, and open solutions.

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