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New release of WBOPENDATA Stata module

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The wbopendata Stata module has been updated to Version 16.2.1. The module can now be installed or updated directly from Stata's Statistical Software Components (SSC) repository.

To install or update your current wbopendata Stata module, please type the below text in the Stata command line:


ssc install wbopendata, replace


New features in this release:

  • Users can now automatically update the list of indicators supported by the API, as well as refresh country metadata, such as World Bank Income Classification, which changes every July 1st;
  • The update check option now generates a detailed report of the data sources and on topics in which the number of indicators have changed since the last time you have refreshed the indicator list;
  • The option metadataoffline has been added. This function allow users to create a local copy of the metadata of all supported indicators, including indicator definitions, notes, and sources. This offline documentation is searchable and accessible through the main help file of wbopendata;
  • Support of the World Bank population estimates and projections have now been added. Estimates developed by the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, UN DESA Population Division) at as well as the World Bank staff estimates based on age/sex distributions of United Nations Population Division's World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision.
  • match(var) option created. This feature enables users to merge all WDI country attributes to any database which uses the World Bank WDI country codes. Below follows the list of country attributes currently supported: 

Country Attributes



Country Code


Country Name


Region Code (ISO 2 digits)


Region Name


Administrative Region Code


Administrative Region Code (ISO 2 digits)


Administrative Region Name


Income Level Code


Income Level Code (ISO 2 digits)


Income Level Name


Lending Type Code


Region Code


Lending Type Code (ISO 2 digits)


Lending Type Name


Capital Name


Capital Latitude


Capital Longitude


  • A fully redesigned help file, including the list of countries by each classification table, such as Regions, Income level groups, and World Bank Group Lending classification.
  • A list of indicators moved to the WDI archive (Source 57) is now available.

For more information, including examples on how to use wbopendata, please visit the code and example section of the WBOPENDATA GitHub repository. Please send suggestions to improve this package through the GitHub requests page. 

For more updated information and beta releases of WBOPENDATA, follow the GitHub repository.


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