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Open about what we do and open about what we’ve done

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Selected World Bank Projects in Ethiopia

Do you know that the World Bank makes openly available the details of projects, financials, and now results ?

Six years ago we launched our open data initiative, and we remain committed to being open about what we know and open about what we do. Readers are probably familiar with our development data and statistics, but there’s a wealth of data available on our project and operations that’s also available in the IATI open data format.

IATI: open data for aid transparency

Following the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda, The World Bank joined the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) in 2008. The goal of IATI is to make information about aid spending easier to use and understand by making it available in a common open data format.

The Aid Transparency Index (ATI) by Publish What You Fund monitors donors’ performance in meeting their aid transparency commitments and publishing data in the IATI format. The 2016 edition of the ATI placed IDA in the top (“very good”) category for the second consecutive year,  this year as number 6 on the index. According to Publish What You Fund, the Bank was among 10 donors that had lived up to the Busan commitment on aid transparency.

Investing in data quality and coverage: making results open

As many other aid organizations have done, we’ve invested in improving the quality and coverage of our data. For example, we’ve recently improved our IATI reporting includes forward looking data at the  project and country levels, open data on project conditions.

And we’re pleased to announce that as of last month, for the first time, our IATI data includes open data on our project results. These are the baselines, targets and progress measures on our Project Development Objective Indicators and Intermediate Results Indicators for investment projects.  


Stefan Koeberle

Director for Strategy, Risk and Results, World Bank Group

Haishan Fu

Chief Statistician of the World Bank and Director of the Development Data Group

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