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Scenes from a big data dive - the movie version

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The best thing about a data dive is all the incredibly accomplished people you meet, the energy they bring to solving problems that have long seemed intractable, the results they produce in a short span of time that leave experts gasping with admiration, the many ideas and new possibilities they leave us with, and the challenge to organizations such as the UNDP, QCRI, Global Pulse, UNDB, and the World Bank that hosted the recent dive at DC (with DataKind) to make sure we follow up and build on the work they did. The recent dive at DC was all this and much more.

Above is a video looking back at the dive (thanks @derekfromson for putting it together). Thanks everybody that came - you were the real stars. Watch out for the results in the next blog.

If you missed the action, here is some more information --

  1. Short recap blog - with links to raw project hackpads
  2. Chris Kreutz's recap of the data dive in Vienna
  3. Max Richman on scraping pricing data to measure poverty
  4. Francis Gagnon on better data and the power of data visualization
  5. Ben Ranoust on using visual analytics to probe risk factors influencing project outcomes
  6. Marc Maxson on auditing the world - the sequel
  7. Dennis McDonald on learning from data explorations
  8. Giulio Quaggiotto and yours truly on personal data philanthropy
  9. Milica Begovic, Giulio quaggiotto, and Ben Ranoust on social networking analysis for development


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