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This week: Open Access, Big Data and Development Policy

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Are you interested in the accessibility of research, the application of data and the future of development policy? Don't miss these three events happening at the World Bank this week:


  1. Monday 22nd at 4pm EST: The Kickoff of Open Access Week 2012
  2. Thursday 25th at 2pm EST: "Turning Big Data into Big Impact"
  3. Thursday 25th- Friday 26th: "Using History to Inform Development Policy"




What? The Kickoff of Open Access Week, Discussion and Reception

When? Today Monday 22nd at 4pm EST.  Live online from the World Bank.


Open Access Week is a global event promoting Open Access in scholarship and research. The World Bank adopted an Open Access Policy for our research outputs and knowledge products in July - this week, we're pleased to be hosting the kick-off of Open Access Week 2012 in partnership with SPARC. We'll be starting with a panel discussion sharing "Perspectives on Open Access: Practice, Progress and Pitfalls" followed by a reception.


Tune in live online from 4pm EST - you can also follow on twitter with the hashtag #WBLive.




What? Turning Big Data into Big Impact

When? Thursday 25th, 2pm EST in room MC 13-121 

Limited space - RSVP by Wednesday 24th


How can development-focused organizations use or experiment with Big Data to improve their work and operations? Join us as we welcome Jake Porway of DataKind and Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle and learn more about the practical and tactical side of Big Data. 


Remember, space is limited, so RSVP by Wednesday 24th and follow #BigDataImpact on Twitter




What? Using History to Inform Development Policy 

When? Thursday 25th - Friday 26th, 2pm EST in room JB1-080

Limited space - please register ASAP


Thanks to the World Bank's efforts to be more open  - our vast storehouse of archival material - dating from the inception of the Bank in the 1940s - offers new frontiers for bringing historical research to bear on the World Bank's practices and policies and on the evolution of development policy. Join us for this two day workshop which will explore, through a combination of case studies and thematic, how history strengthens the effectiveness of development work and discuss the benefits of using methodological tools from different social sciences - a mixture of narrative techniques and economic analysis.


You can see the full agenda [PDF] online, and details of the fantastic range of speakers - don't forget to register or email the organizers with questions!




Tariq Khokhar

Global Data Editor & Senior Data Scientist

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