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Check out the new World Bank Data site at  - we'd love your feedback.

The new

The Bank has been providing free, open access to its development data since the launch of the Open Data Initiative in 2010. Initially, we focused on the popular World Development Indicators data set, but we’ve added lots of datasets since then. But, apart from some changes to make some of the new datasets accessible, the website itself has stayed pretty much the same. That is, until this week!

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a substantial upgrade to Our goals are to improve performance and make it easier to find and display data, especially on mobile devices. This week we’re launching it as a “public beta” website. The existing site will still be available for a few months while we continue to make improvements and complete the feature set; for instance, this first release is only available in English, whereas the existing site is available in many additional languages.

Some of the things we’ve changed are:

  • Navigate directly to combinations of indicators and countries via search box lookup
  • Modern look and feel, with improved interactive charts and maps
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Significantly faster performance

Some key changes in the new World Bank Data site

We’ve based the new design is based on extensive feedback and comments we’ve received from our colleagues here at the Bank and elsewhere, including a survey conducted last year which received thousands of responses. We’re gathering early feedback on the new design too. For instance, a recent focus group of graduates at Johns Hopkins University gave us very helpful insights on how users approach the website differently on desktop and mobile environments. We want to thank everyone who has generously volunteered their time and ideas.

We’re continuing to work on the new site, including adding and refining features. Since things are still in development, this is a great time to hear what you think so far. Is the new design easier to use? Are there features you especially do or do not like?

How does the site perform on smartphones—or tablets? Each page on the new site includes a “Feedback” button in the bottom right corner for you to send us your comments, or simply email us at

We look forward to hearing from you! Check out the new website, and let us know what you think and let others know with the tweets below:


Tim Herzog

Senior Data Scientist

Neil Fantom

Manager, Development Data Group, World Bank

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