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2nd International Conference on Migration and Development: Sept. 10-11, 2009

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The Second International Conference on Migration and Development will be held at World Bank headquarters from September 10-11, 2009. The conference will bring together some of the world’s top academics and researchers in the migration field. Speakers will present their recent research findings on the most important questions in the debate on migration, remittances and development. Some of the questions that presenters will address are:

  • What effect do remittances have on poverty, inequality and economic development?
  • Who migrates overseas and is it worth their while?
  • How do remittances impact investment and consumption?
  • What factors that drive the cost of remittances?
  • Can migration reduce educational attainment?
  • Do migrants improve governments at home?
  • What are the links between brain drain, fiscal competition, and public education expenditure?


To access the conference agenda, please click here. For Information on the conference contact:


Sonia Plaza

Senior Economist, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, World Bank

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