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Call for Contributions to Book “Global Migration and Remittances during the Financial Crisis and Beyond”

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Book working title: “Global Migration and Remittances during the Financial Crisis and Beyond”

To be published by the World Bank in Spring 2011

Edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jeffrey H. Cohen, and Dilip Ratha

This book aims to explore and examine near-term and long-term impacts of the global financial crisis on global migration and remittance flows. To date there are no comprehensive studies on the scale of the influence and potential repercussions of the crisis and the outlook for the future. Resilience of remittances and their role in vulnerabilities caused by the financial crisis are among the unanswered questions. While the crisis seems to have impacted new migration flows, there is little evidence to suggest any large scale return, despite financial incentives offered by many receiving countries.

This volume aims to fill this gap by providing a comprehensive account of remittance practices and flows across the globe through case studies and detailed analyses focusing on different countries, regions and communities. The contributions will not be limited to quantitative economic analyses of remittance patterns but also qualitative analyses of remitting practices and their impacts on receiving and sending countries and communities will be included. The volume will also cover the impacts of the crisis on the size and composition of migration flows. Finally, the volume aims to cover issues and scenarios beyond the crisis.

The book will begin with a theoretical appraisal of current approaches in the study of migration and remittance flows and elaborate on shortcomings and potential enhancements. The individual chapters and short case studies will be organized in a way to allow comparisons between small countries dependent on remittances, large countries with significant flows, remittance flows and practices in South Asia, Africa, Latin America and newly developed countries. Gender perspectives, minority cases, migration from and remittances to conflict areas, impact of financial crisis on remittance outflows in the industrialized and developing destination countries are also among themes on which we are seeking articles and case studies. We particularly encourage contributions dealing with the potential long-term impact of the financial crisis on migration and remittance flows.

Contributions from academic researchers, consultants, professionals, policy makers and practitioners are welcome. Contributions are expected to be between 1500 (brief case studies) and 6000 (full papers) words. Please use Harvard Reference Style

Contributions submitted must be original and unpublished accounts.

Anticipated schedule:

Submission of draft papers/outlines: 31 December 2010
Completed final paper submission: 31 January 2011
Revisions completed: 14 March 2011
Manuscript to printers: 11 April 2011




Please forward your queries and submissions directly to the editors:

Ibrahim Sirkeci
European Business School
Regent’s College
London, UK
Tel. +44 7875 211052

Jeffrey H. Cohen
Department of Anthropology
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
Tel: (614) 292-0594
Dilip Ratha
Migration and Remittances Unit
The World Bank, Washington DC
CEO, Migrating out of Poverty Research Consortium
University of Sussex, Brighton, UK


Dilip Ratha

Lead Economist and Economic Adviser to the Vice President of Operations, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, World Bank

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