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Call for papers: Special Issue on Migration, Remittances and Financial Crisis

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Migration Letters invites contributions for a special issue on migration, remittances and, financial crisis (edited by Dilip Ratha, World Bank, USA and Ibrahim Sirkeci, Regent’s College London, UK). The current financial crisis is thought to be among the causes of a decline in migration and remittance flows. However, questions about the future impact of the financial crisis on the size and channels of these flows and the resilience of remittances are still to be answered. As migration and remittances have proven to be a lifeline in many developing countries, analyses of these patterns and prospects are therefore in high demand. In this special issue, we aim to bring together a select set of articles focusing on the relationship between financial crisis and global migration and remittance flows, and on the assessment of policy responses in the sending and the receiving countries.

Contributions from academic researchers, consultants, professionals, policy makers and practitioners are welcome.
Migration Letters is an international peer reviewed journal publishing short accounts of research, reviews, debates, viewpoints and case studies on migration. Thus, your contributions to this special issue may be in the form of research articles, viewpoints, debates or case studies (not exceeding 3000 words).
Papers submitted must meet the following requirements:

Anticipated schedule:

Submission deadline:  15 March 2010
Notification:                     1-10 June 2010
Final submissions:       15 July 2010
Publication date:            October 2010

The schedule may be subject to revisions.
Please forward your queries and submissions directly to the editors:
Dilip Ratha
Development Prospects Group
Migration and Remittances
The World Bank,
Washington DC 20433, USA
Ibrahim Sirkeci
Reader in Demography
Regent’s College London
London, NW1 4NS
United Kingdom

For more information, please visit:



Dilip Ratha

Lead Economist and Economic Adviser to the Vice President of Operations, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, World Bank

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