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Call for Proposals: COVID-19 Impact on Internal Migration, Labor Markets and Urbanization

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The COVID-19 has created large-scale distresses and economic disruption globally which resulted in labor market disruptions. The lockdowns and the shutdown of the economic activities caused loss of income for many migrant workers and were especially difficult for those whose livelihoods are dependent upon daily wages. Increased vulnerability of internal (and international migrants with irregular migration status or without work permit) has given way to an instantaneous and unexpected trend of return migration for many, from the major urban areas to their areas of origin (including rural or other urban areas).  

Recent survey results raised questions about how well existing surveys capture the socio-economic conditions of internal migrants due to COVID-19. Improving COVID-19 responses to support internal migrants will first and foremost require a better understanding of their current situation and needs and challenges or reintegration. 

To obtain that better understanding, KNOMAD is seeking for proposals for “COVID-19 Impact on Internal Migration, Labour Markets and Urbanization” research to be held under the Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Internal Migration and Urbanization. The request for proposals and Terms of Reference (ToR) is here

The Call is open for research institutes/firms worldwide including those operating in Brazil, Egypt, India, Peru, Spain, South Africa. We especially encourage research institutions from the countries mentioned above to submit proposals. Technical and financial proposals for this research should include the methodology, the budget, and the team composition (including specific experiences and expertise). 

Budget: Up to 16,000 USD for one applicant/organization for accomplished the tasks described in the TORs for each country. 

Eligible candidates: Any type of research/consultant organization (commercial for-profit firms, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, universities) is eligible to apply. Applicants may apply independently or in a consortium, provided that the consortium has a pre-established partnership prior to when this request for applications was issued.

Please submit proposals no later than April  20, 2021, to Sonia Plaza (the KNOMAD focal point) via

The call for proposal is organized by  the Thematic Working Group on Internal Migration and Urbanization of KNOMAD. The chair for the working group is Chair: Irudaya Rajan – The International Institute of Migration and Development, India; Co-Chair is  Stephanie Loose –Focal point for the work on migration and displacement, UN-Habitat; and Focal point is Sonia Plaza, Senior Economist, KNOMAD/World Bank.



Stephanie Loose

Human Settlements Officer, UN-Habitat

Sonia Plaza

Senior Economist, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, World Bank

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