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Migration and Remittances News, March 14, 2014

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EU MPs approve funds for asylum, migration and border surveillance until 2020

EU countries will have to allocate more funds to improve their asylum systems and the integration of migrants, under the new Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for the next seven years passed by Parliament on Thursday. The text sets minimum amounts that each EU country will have to spend on these policies. MPs also approved the new EU Internal Security Fund, designed to improve border surveillance and police cooperation.

Private companies prosper as migration control tightens

As states around the world introduce stricter border controls and expand the use of immigration detention, they increasingly turn to a handful of multi-national companies to manage a range of functions that used to be considered the sole responsibility of governments. The privatization of migration control has made it more difficult to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse, even when they occur in front of dozens of witnesses.

Inside the Arizona morgue at the epicenter of the migration crisis

Al Jazeera reporter tells a story of the Pima County medical examiner’s office in Tucson, AZ. That is where the border patrol brings the bodies of migrants who try to illegally cross into the USA. Of the nearly 6,000 migrant remains recovered by border patrols along the Southwestern frontier between 1998 and 2012, more than a third have passed through this office.

Scores of African migrants drown off Yemen

At least 42 African migrants have drowned after their boat overturned off Yemen's southern coast, the defence ministry has said. The boat smuggling dozens of migrants overturned off the coast of Beer Ali, in the southern Shabwah province, late on Sunday the ministry said in a brief statement on its news website

Remittances to Pakistan down by 20% in 10 days

With the sharp increase in Pakistan rupee’s value against US dollar, expatriates are hesitant to send money back home unless necessary, which has plunged the remittances by up to 20% in the 10 days prior to March 14.

BSP looking into 'bitcoin' potential for low-cost transfer of remittances

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is looking into how it can regulate bitcoins or virtual currencies that are already being exchanged in the country. “The BSP is studying the appropriate regulatory approach to this innovation. We are trying to better understand the intricacies of its use and implications on consumer protection,” BSP Governor Amando M Tetangco Jr. told reporters on March 12.


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