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Who am I?

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Continuing the conversation on the question, 'Who am I?'.

Raju Jan Singh:

Who am I? Where is home?
I am from everywhere. Part of my family comes from Malawi. My mother is from Belgium, my father from India. I have an aunt in Australia and an uncle in Canada. My wife is French and my kids have probably turned American. I was born in Switzerland  and now live in Cameroon. So where is home? With such a mix, I feel nowhere really at home, but at the same time I feel myself at home everywhere.

Raju Jan Singh is the Lead Economist for Central Africa, based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Prior to joining the World Bank, Mr. Singh held positions at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, at the Swiss Ministry of Finance in Bern, and at Lombard Odier & Cie (private banking) in Geneva.


Raju Jan Singh

World Bank Lead Economist & Program Leader for Haiti

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