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ImageConversation may be an art, but the best conversations spur action, too – and the upcoming Global Infrastructure Forum 2016 will focus on strengthening and formalizing collaboration among multilateral development banks (MDBs) to improve infrastructure delivery around the world.  This unprecedented daylong gathering in Washington, DC brings together the leaders of the MDBs, as well as development partners and representatives of the G20, G-24, and G-77 and the United Nations, with the aim of enhancing multilateral collaborative mechanisms to improve infrastructure delivery globally.

There has never before been an infrastructure forum that convenes this group of development partners. The Forum’s focus on working together for the best results stems from its origins: it was mandated by last year’s Addis Ababa Action Agenda, issued during the United Nations Third International Conference on Financing for Development. As a direct outcome of that conference, it is meant to follow up on the specific goal of enhancing coordination among MDBs and their development partners so they can better support the creation of sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure in emerging markets.

Collaborative efforts
One of the core ideas behind the Global Infrastructure Forum is that collaboration among MDBs and their partners is critical to much-needed progress that will improve infrastructure delivery.  In this spirit of cooperation, the following organizations together organized the Forum:

  • African Development Bank (AfDB);
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB);
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB);
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  • European Investment Bank (EIB);
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IADB);
  • Islamic Development Bank (IsDB);
  • New Development Bank (NDB); and
  • World Bank Group (WBG).
MDBs already collaborate on joint projects.  A series of briefs showcasing examples of MDBs’ collaboration around infrastructure projects can be found here: https://pppknowledgelab.org/mdb-infrastructure-investment-project-briefs.

In addition, MDBs have established a strong track record of collaboration around knowledge-sharing.  Some recent, high-profile examples include: ImageAction-oriented agenda
Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, will speak during the Global Infrastructure Forum’s opening plenary, along with the heads of the MDBs and representatives of the G20 and G-24. The closing plenary, focused on implementing an action plan, will detail specific activities to be pursued by MDBs and development partners as set out in the Chairman’s Statement, which will be issued at that time.
Between the opening and closing remarks, the Global Infrastructure Forum 2016 will facilitate conversations among participants on the following topics:
  • Blending public and private roles in infrastructure management and finance;
  • Meeting the infrastructure needs of countries in special situations (2016 focus: Low Income Countries/Fragile States);
  • Infrastructure planning in the context of climate change;
  • Mobilizing private finance for infrastructure from capital markets and institutional investors;
  • Financing sustainable infrastructure in Latin America: Private and public challenges
  • Islamic financing and infrastructure; and
  • Perspectives from new development finance institutions.
We welcome readers of the PPP Blog to join this global conversation.  Watch the event live at 10 AM (ET) this Saturday, April 16 and follow the conversation on Twitter with #InvestInInfra .


Clive Harris

Lead Infrastructure Specialist, Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees Global Practice, World Bank

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