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Public-private partnership (PPPs) transactions tend to be complex. Both the legal frameworks that enable sustainable PPPs projects, and the contractual arrangements underlying those projects, are different from those used in traditional government transactions.
Recognizing this complexity and uniqueness, almost a decade ago, the World Bank Group developed a unique platform – the PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC) – as a knowledge product for use by governments and other parties interested in PPP transactions in developing economies.
Since 2006, PPPIRC has been providing practical guidance on legal, regulatory and contractual issues for infrastructure projects involving PPPs. PPPIRC receives financial and other support from the World Bank Group, the African Legal Support Facility of the African Development Bank, the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility trust fund, and other donors.

Access to this helpful data is at your fingertips. The PPPIRC website (www.worldbank.org/pppirc) provides practical guidance and examples of good practice, in the form of sample project agreements, laws, regulatory instruments, checklists, risk matrices and consultant terms of reference. The materials on the site are collected by PPPIRC’s core team of lawyers and infrastructure specialists, with a focus on developed and developing economies. Documentation is provided in a number of languages, including French, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

Since its inception, the website has received very positive feedback regarding its content and utility, and it has been favorably referred to in numerous publications and resource guides on PPPs. More than 80 percent of site visitors come from developing countries, and there has been year-on-year continued growth in the usage of the site by PPP practitioners, with the site recently averaging more than 30,000 visitors a month, and last month alone, we hit a milestone of 50,000 visits. The team that works so hard on collecting this data and presenting it to the public is very proud of this achievement knowing that every click on our site, someone is retrieving helpful information on PPPs.

We hope to continue to grow this asset, in the near future, the PPPIRC will be integrated in the PPP Lab initiative, which is a new web platform initiated by the multilateral development banks and the World Bank Group. We look forward to your continued use of the PPPIRC, as well as feedback on how we can improve and expand the resource to better serve your needs.


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