2006 Private Sector Development Forum

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For the last two months, a big chunk of my time has been spent organizing the World Bank-IFC 2006 Private Sector Development Forum, which kicks-off tomorrow morning. This year’s focus is “Markets & Growth” and the hope is to bring together experts from government, donors and the private sector to discuss the private sector development agenda. What is working, what is not? When and how to sequence? What current and future trends will have the most impact on us going forward?

Day one starts with an opening plenary on ‘Where is the world going?’ The hope is to approach the topic through three different lenses: Kenneth Pomerantz, historian and China expert at UC Irvine; Tom Friedman, NY Times columnist and bestselling author; and Cho Khong, chief political analysts and scenario expert at Shell.

Unfortunately the Forum is by invitation only, though all of the presentations will be posted online soon. Posts from the different sessions are also promised. See a short or long version of the agenda.

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