2006 World Development Report: Equity and Development

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The 2006 WDR: Equity and Development was released yesterday. As with all of WDRs it is jam-packed with information, anecdotes and analysis. We will be sure to pass along snippets as we work our way through it.

For example, see Chapter 5: Inequality and investment, which argues for equity improvements that are also efficiency-enhancing:

Third, because investments build wealth and wealth makes it easier to invest in a world where markets do not function very well, a little help can go a long way. Starting the right business might be the biggest challenge: once started, the business might propel itself forward without further help.

Fourth, it is not clear that the beneficiaries from this kind of efficiency-promoting redistribution have to be the poorest of the poor. Because the ideal is to promote productive investments, the targets should be those most likely to make the investments.

Need more: full overview, background papers, press releases, video interviews, or buy it.

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