A blogmistress says farewell

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Like Pablo and Tim before me, I'm handing over the reins. I've recently taken a job with the Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), so I'll just be down the hall. I'll chime in here from time to time, and continue contributing to our Fighting Poverty with Markets series on Foreign Policy's Passport blog.

I'm not one for goodbyes, and I don't want to get all mushy on you, but I would like to thank all of the fantastic writers who have contributed to this blog since I joined in May. It's been a joy to work with all of you. And thanks also to our commenters for keeping us in check and sharing their ideas. Finally, I owe tremendous thanks to my colleagues Ramin Aliyev, Giulio Quaggiotto, and Pierre Wielezynski - for moral, philosophical and technical support.

Suzanne Smith and Chris Monasterski will take good care of you, I'm sure.

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