A cracked head no obstacle to social media

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Erik Hersman at the White African blog reports on a conference on social media currently being run by Plan International, an NGO that supports children in developing countries. Hersman explains the rationale behind the conference:

Tony and I were on our way out of Nairobi for a meeting by Plan International on how social media can be used for social change (SM4SC). They do a lot of work with youth all over Africa, so it makes sense that they’re trying to get a handle on how they can use the mobile phone and the web to connect better and have a greater impact with that demographic.

Unfortunately, Hersman managed to crack his head on a door frame just before leaving for the conference. He still made it to the conference though - social media must really be a big draw. I hope it heals quickly!

Bonus: Check out Hersman's Flickr photostream. Also have a look at Plan International's Youth, Media and Development website


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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