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Image_150x150The Open Society Institute has initiated a new campaign to prevent the spread of HIV. Here's the website, and here's what they have to say:

In many developed countries like the United States, medication assisted treatment is a standard option for people who are dependent on heroin and other opiates. However, in most developing and transitional countries where injection drug use drives the HIV epidemic, these medicines are largely inaccessible—or even banned outright. The Open Society Institute’s International Harm Reduction Development Program has developed a campaign, Where's the Methadone?, to raise awareness about the glaring lack of access to these lifesaving drugs.

The text seems fine to me as far as it goes. I'm just curious about the two 'superheroes' that OSI has decided to use as part of its marketing strategy. This seems like a bit of a departure from their past work. OK, communications and social marketing experts out there - opinions?


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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