A week in open data and visualisation

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Looks like there is quite a buzz around open data and data visualisation in the public sector and development world right now. This is what has landed in my inbox just in the last week:

  • Google has just released a new search feature that makes it easier to locate and compare public data. (Hat tip: Qian Zhu)
  • Again in the UK, under the slogan "Show us a better way" the government has made publicly available a while ago whole sets of data for the first time - from neighborhood statistcs to healthcare information - and offered a 20,000 pound prize to the best ideas for new products that could improve the way public information is communicated. Apparently the initiative was a success and so was, more recently, the "National Hack the Government Day." The Wikinomics blog recently reported on similar initiatives in the US and Belgium.

  • The US Census Bureau (in collaboration with the OECD and the World Bank) is organising a workshop on innovative approaches to turn statistics into knowledge (if you are interested, the deadline for registration is tomorrow!)

Gapminder's founder Hans Rosling must be having a ball...

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