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Worldmang_4 Fifteen-year-old orphan Rei survives by his wits and guts on the mean streets of the world. His fortunes take a strange turn when he meets a trainer wielding some powerful transformational magic who offers to coach him to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest martial artist in the world! But it seems Rei's trainer is more interested in developing his mind, spirit and -ugh!- heart than his thrashing, raging, fighting moves! The stakes get higher when Rei meets a young woman fighting just to survive! Can Rei vanquish the specter of poverty...?

Not your average World Bank publication huh!? And this is just the first of a three volume series focusing on poverty, HIV/AIDS, and the environment. An appendix in each book provides further information, websites, and other resources so readers can explore the themes introduced in the story. Purchase online or see the press release.   

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