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The online discussion on ‘the evolving regulatory context for private sector education’ began two weeks ago with an opening post asking participants to identify the challenges inherent in regulatory change. The responses have been as varied as the contexts and countries from which the authors come. Subsequent posts have introduced new strands to the debate and certain aspects of the discussion have clearly resonated with readers and we hope will continue to do so.

One purpose in initiating this discussion was to identify examples of good practice and to begin to generate a resource for policy makers in emerging economies. This resource will benefit significantly from your input. I would therefore encourage readers to contribute to the discussion on ‘good practice’ found here.

While today marks the formal end to the discussion, the blog will remain open for some weeks to come and we welcome further engagement with the issues raised. A summary report of the discussion will be prepared for early 2009 and will include all of the comments through to mid-December. There is still time to participate!

Svava Bjarnason

Senior Education Specialist



Suzanne Roddis

Manager, EdInvest

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