An invasion by multinationals from the South?

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Business_week_coverBusiness Week's cover story details the penetration of US markets by emerging economy firms, like Embraer, Haier and Orascom.  

What makes these upstarts global contenders? Their key advantages are access to some of the world's most dynamic growth markets and immense pools of low-cost resources, be they production workers, engineers, land, petroleum, or iron ore. But these aspiring giants are about much more than low cost. The best of the pack are proving as innovative and expertly run as any in the business, astutely absorbing global consumer trends and technologies and getting new products to market faster than their rivals.

While the article casts the trend as some sort of generalized invasion from the South, it's really only the well-known handful of populous countries whose firms are threatening established players from the West. Of BCG's list of 100 emerging market companies with the most potential to become global powerhouses, only 10 do not hail from Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India or China.

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