Autos and global warming: a perfect storm

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Ever since the book (and subsequent film) came out, the 'perfect storm' analogy has become rapidly cliche, but events this week bring it to mind. The State of California files a lawsuit against the six largest US and Japanese automakers, claiming damages for their contribution to global warming. The Alliance of Auto Manufacturers retort that the State approves all vehicles sold - so who is responsible?

Over in Europe, the Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (among others) complains of over-regulation and excessive attention to environmental issues during a workshop on the one year anniversary of the EU integrated industrial policy. A tip from me to Hungarian MEP (that's Member of the European Parliament) Edit Herczog, who spoke at the workshop: defending business against green critics with analogies to melting icebergs is probably not the way to go these days.

So lots of finger pointing (in opposite directions). Will no one make the business case for sustainability? Thank you Richard Branson, who came forward at the Clinton Global Initiative to announce the funding mechanism of Virgin Fuels, which will focus on commercial opportunities for cleaner fuels and renewable energy.

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