Blogging and AccountAbility at Davos

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If you have been reading the newspapers you would swear that Davos was a blogger convention, not a power gathering ‘meant to improve the world’. Among the dozens that are blogging, I very much like Simon Zadek’s insightful, and at times rightfully skeptical, Davos Diaries. Simon, CEO of AccountAbility, spoke here in Washington last Friday and dispels the myth that a good blogger and a good speaker are mutually exclusive.

If you prefer A-list blogs, Delving Into Davos by the New York Times and Herald Tribune is my pick. Though the BBC and Financial Times (1 & 2) also make strong showings. The one-stop-shop is of course Forumblog, though see comments by Ethan Zuckerman and Rony Abovitz.

Update: 'a healthy disrespect for the impossible' wins Survivor at Davos.

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