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Blogging can possibly emerge as a tool for individual or grassroots journalism. Whether it can make social or political changes would depend on the level of reach…I think with speed and connectivity available to the masses, blogs can play a role not only in socio-political change but also in development efforts.

That was Partha Sarkar, co-Founder of Bytes for All, being interviewed for the current Development Gateway special on blogs and wikis. He believes that civil society has not yet learned how to use blogs effectively, but that the potential is there. Read our thoughts on what the future role of blogs in development might be. What do you think?

Update 1: A print edition of Wikipedia may soon be published for the developing world. CD and DVD versions also an option. (Via Boing Boing and Slashdot)

Update 2: Blogs + Wikis = Wikiblog! Add your blog! (They need to Someone should add a 'development' category to it.)

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