BP announces solar energy plans

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From The Independent, via WBCSD:

BP unveiled plans yesterday to double its investment in alternative and renewable energy sources, saying it will spend $ 8bn (pounds 4.6bn) over the next decade... Environmentalists welcomed the BP move, although activists questioned the inclusion of gas-fired power generation in BP's alternative energy business. Tony Juniper, the director of Friends of the Earth, said gas was a conventional technology, so it should not count.

My view? I think it's astonishing that anyone believes the energy system will change because the oil companies want it to change, or alternatively that the energy system won't change because the oil companies will get in the way.

BP and Friends of the Earth disagree over something but both seem happy with the spin that this is some kind of game - BP are trying to claim some points and Friends of the Earth think the points 'should not count'. It's not a game, but even if it was, BP wouldn't be an important player. This one is down to us as consumers and more importantly, as voters.

(Disclosure: I used to work for a rival oil company, Shell. Ditto for them.)

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