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"Trade not aid" is the slogan of Edun LIVE, a clothing line created by Bono and his wife. Last month, Edun LIVE and the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Ohio came together to form "Edun LIVE on campus." This project links T-shirt manufactures in Sub-Saharan Africa with universities nationwide willing to engage in an effort to substitute traditional aid to Africa with employment creation. Miami Student, the school's newspaper, writes:

"We wanted to start this pilot program and penetrate the college market," said senior Andy Mitchelides, president of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship. "Basically we wanted to put together a 'cookbook for success' that could be used by other schools."

More from FT:

[T-shirts] sold for $10-$15 each and in total the students sold more than 1,500 T-shirts. Even though the school pays a premium for the blank T-shirts, the student business still manages to make a profit.

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