Calling off outsourcing

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Chatty_localsNetflix, a U.S. web-based DVD-rental business, decided to rethink its client service after losing 55 thousand customers last quarter. The company eliminated all foreign call centers and email-based communication, in favor of a domestic, phone-only program staffed with chatty locals.

The campaign may be paying off. At least this one client will stay:

'There's nothing on your list that's of interest to me,' said [a female caller], referring to the 80,000 movies Netflix carries.

Undeterred, Ms. Daste [a call center representative] suggested they find a movie together. The woman mentioned one she had been wanting to see for a while, an Indian film titled 'Fire.' Within seconds, Ms. Daste had it on her screen. She added it to the customer's queue and told her she would be receiving it shortly. Customer pleased. Disaster averted.

For more, listen to NPR's story on trends in out- and homesourcing.

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