Can a ball change the world?

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Kofi Annan on the power of sport:

It is a global language capable of bridging social, cultural and religious divides. It can be a powerful tool for fostering understanding, tolerance and peace… it teaches us teamwork and fair-play. It builds self-esteem and opens up new opportunities. This in turn can contribute to the wellbeing of whole communities and countries.

Hear the full podcast from Davos. Or listen to Tegla Loroupe discuss how she leverages her running to help poverty and children in Kenya. Later today you can catch the live webcast and podcasts from Davos on sport and development.

As Annan mentions, and we have discussed before, the private sector can play an important role in maximizing the development potential of sport. For more, see the UN Year of Sport 2005 or the Magglingen conference.

Update: Mirror podcasts up on Loic's blog. Also, apparently Annan's wife is more skier than football player.

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