Carbon sense as common sense?

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On the heels of Monday's post on carbon neutral commitments, an interesting piece from BT as part of their latest society and environment report. Presented as a 'hot topic' and commissioned from consultancy CarbonSense, its 29 pages address the question "what would a genuinely carbon neutral BT look like?"

The suggested answer: a company which thinks wider than carbon offsets - using them as a a top up measure once all efficiency opportunities have been squeezed out of operations. And which integrates the vision of a low carbon economy into R&D/product development strategies and in doing so, engages in the broader societal debate, including cap and trade legislation. The usual dilemmas are recognized (where you draw the boundary around your carbon footprint, for example), but it's a well-structured document - even if some of the 'notes from the future' will turn off some readers. Video mirrors and mint tea anyone?

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