Carbon: think global, act local

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So how do you follow up on the on-line carbon market debate we hosted last week? Or how does Al Gore demonstrate his own commitment as he flies around the world promoting An Inconvenient Truth? By doing your own carbon offset - and the fact that today is World Environment Day only increases the incentive.

The World Bank Group annouced its commitment today - we've been purchasing renewal energy for a number of years but have extended our carbon neutrality to business, commute and annual meeting related travel. Al Gore offsets his emissions, including those from the production of the film. (And yes, he makes his own jokes about this statement). Taking a trip? Go by air and British Airways offers you an offset option. Go by car and Ford will do likewise. Talk to your financial advisor? Calvert will talk you through their commitment and encourage you to do likewise. Write a blog post? Yes - even an option for that too - courtesy of a piece of carbon sensitive promotion by that we highlighted late last month.

So empower yourself make a local contribution to a global issue today - offset, stay active and inform others. That's what the world environment needs on its day - commitment at each and every level.

Update: more via Travis Traub.

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