Celebrating World Environment Day

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June 5, official World Environment Day, has come and gone, and you’re probably wondering how you can make good on those green resolutions you made. If you shop online, there is a webtool out there made just for you. It’s called Scryve, and it provides ratings on companies based on their social and environmental policies. The best part of Scryve is that it can be installed as a browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Your browser then produces company ratings for products that you shop for online. If you don’t like the company’s rating, you can click on it for an explanation and alternative vendors.

And how did Scryve put together all this information? According to the organization’s website:

Our company profiles come from a number of places. Our seed data, our initial set of profiles, came from one of the best socially responsible investment companies in the world. We have simplified their research into our two areas (environment and community). The rest of our profiles have come from individuals who contribute their time and research to building the profile database. These people do the research, find the references, and monitor the profiles to ensure that the content is accurate and clear.

Perhaps this will be the next big example of the wisdom of crowds!


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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