Climate change: Think global, act local

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Think_global_act_local_sticker-p217080166632631966qjcl_400 While Rachel continues to give us updates on the efforts in Copenhagen to reach a global consensus on fighting climate change, I will take a look at what is happening on a local level.

The City of Philadelphia has just approved a measure to give tax incentives for certified sustainable businesses, the first of its kind.

Enterprises will be rated based on five criteria, including labor and environmental policies. Eligible businesses receive a $4,000 credit to offset other city taxes. Officials hope that the incentives will allow companies to grow, which will create additional tax revenues, offsetting the initial cost of the tax breaks.

For most of us, what happens in Copenhagen is out of our control. Yet, for many, it is easy to support entrepreneurs who conduct their business in a sustainable manner. It's good to see that local governments are beginning to do their part as well.

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