Combating corruption in Paraguay

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Transparency International hosted an interesting interview with the new president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo.

Transparency Watch: How do you plan to institutionalise the fight against corruption?

Fernando Lugo: First, as a basis, by auditing and establishing permanent controls by and within each of the government’s departments. Additionally, through the creation – which will be finalised at the appropriate time – of a National Anti-corruption Ministry, which will set the political and technical norms to elevate such a battle to the most institutionalised level possible.

Perhaps they should take a page from Kenya's book and work on creating a system of e-government to help combat corruption. Although Paraguay has only 4.3 internet users per 100 people compared to Kenya's 7.6, Paraguay ranks higher in terms of the e-government readiness index of the World Development Indicators.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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