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Last year 'Bombay Dreams' ran on Broadway, and now Davos will be overrun by Bollywood. ‘India’ is one of the eight subthemes of this year’s Davos meetings and the country is taking advantage of this audience with the who’s-who crowd of international business to promote itself.

"India: the world's fastest-growing free-market democracy," proclaims one sign… Waiting for visitors at their hotel rooms will be gifts from India -- a pashmina shawl, an Apple iPod loaded with Indian pop and classical music, a piece of traditional art, some ayurvedic oils -- along with a CD packed with all sorts of economic information about the country.

… Indian speakers will be featured in 60 of the conference's 300 sessions. To put its best face forward, India has assembled a 115-strong delegation. That's nearly four times the size of the Indian contingent at Davos in 2005 and enormous compared to China's 30 delegates.

Also catch scheduled appearances by Bollywood choreographer Shaimak Davar, the hot DJ Aqueel, Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen and actress/activist Shabana Azmi.

Update: See also Sepia Mutiny and the Indian Economy Blog, who point us to the 'India Everywhere' site.

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