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(Following up on a previous post).

What should a savvy non-profit organization do to succeed in the Web 2.0 era?

According to a post from the Non-Profit Tech Blog, it should provide "the greatest access to information, organized in a way that allows it to be displayed and used in ways that are meaningful to the individual user and the organization as a whole".  (One cannot help here but think about the recent mash-up of Google maps and the Doing Business database as an example). Such an organization, predicts the blog, "will be the most effective in measuring outcomes and creating the knowledge and practices to better those outcomes."

The non-profit sector is already witnessing the emergence of entirely new business models, predicated on the opportunities opened up by Web 2.0. At times, these start-ups openly disclose their ambition to revolutionize the way development is done. Pierre Wielezynski and I have tried to analyze this trend in a recent article.

But will these organizations truly be "the most effective in measuring outcomes"? The debate is open.

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