Development 2.0 summer roundup

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The dog days of summer don’t seem to have an impact on the growth of literature on Development 2.0—the intersection of web2.0 and development. Here are some of the latest additions I've come across recently:

  • The International Institute for Environment and Development has published the proceedings from the Web2forDev conference sponsored by the FAO. They include case studies and hands-on tips for trainers.

  • The highly anticipated “Social by Social” book—“A practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact”—is now available online.

  • The Monitor Institute has released version 2.0 of its Working Wikily paper, focusing on the role of knowledge networks for social change.

  • For those interested in the impact of web2.0 on fundraising for non-profits, CNET has a nice piece focusing on the potential “noise” factor of the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter. The article links to what has instantly become one of my favourite examples of development 2.0 applications by charity: water. “The photos, the numbers, the proof”—web2.0 at its best.

In spite of the flurry of electronic ink, what is still missing—it seems to me—is, on the one hand, a rigorous analysis of web2.0-enabled business models (and processes) for development and, on the other, a framework to connect the “development2.0” and the “social innovation” discourses. More on the latter in an upcoming post.

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