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When we launched this blog back in August we only knew of a handful of blogs that discussed international development issues. Since then my RSS reader has become overrun with development-related feeds. After some housecleaning and additional research over the weekend I have exported my development-related RSS feeds into a public Bloglines account. Find the full folder list here, or a hyperlinked version here. More info below the fold.

As of now there are 150+ feeds. About 80% are blogs - the rest are news feeds from development sites. I tried to include feeds that discussed development issues at least 80% of the time. I have especially tried to stay away from those that focus on politics and criticize people as apposed to ideas. There is an admitted bias towards private sector development related issues (corporate responsibility, social enterprise, microfinance etc…), but that’s only because these are the feeds I have been reading.

The categories are just my quick attempt to organize them. My guess is that most people will be interested in the ‘Commentary and Opinions’ category – a catchall category for those blogs I could not pigeonhole elsewhere. I have no doubt missed dozens of possible feeds, so either email me or leave your suggestions in the comments. I will happily add them as long as they focus on development issues.

Also, if you want the blogroll script or a special link for a particular folder, just let me know and I'll send it to you.

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