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In The Market for Aid Michael Klein and I write about the aid industry in 2020:

In 2020 citizens of rich countries could order a new well or power generator for delivery in Sudan as easily and with the same assurance as they could order flowers for delivery to their grandmother in 2005.

And by 2030:

Consider a typical output based aid project in Cameroon. It is designed by a small but expert Cameroonian service company, delivered by a huge Chinese multinational contractor, financed by a New York-based investment bank, and ultimately funded by donations gathered from all over Europe with the help of favorable tax treatmentand an "aid matching" Web site.

The Sabre Foundation argues that the future is coming sooner than that, in a chunky prospectus arguing for the importance of small digital donations:

Donors can offer digital donations -- gifts in electronic form -- for leveraging policy reforms and "land grant" endowments that benefit grassroots groups in troubled areas.

HT to Nextbillion.

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