Does size matter?

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From Lael Brainard's introduction to this summer's Brookings Blum roundtable:

A grandmother in Bangladesh sells clothes stitched on a sewing machine financed through a microcredit loan. In Kenya, a coffee grower with fifty employees expands his business to reach both local and export markets. Half a world away, hundreds of workers at a Brazilian plant churn out components for automobiles in North America. Do they all matter equally when discussing economic growth and poverty reduction?

Ross Levine argues that there is no evidence supporting a policy of subsidising small and medium enterprises. His collaborators Thorsten Beck and Asli Demirguc-Kunt have a short paper on our website summarising this research.

Other papers from the roundtable cover corporate responsibility, entrepreneurship, private risk, donor-private partnerships and private involvement in global health. There's one from our own man, Warrick Smith.


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