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Doing_business_2008_3 At 00:01 GMT, the World Bank released its annual ranking of the ease of doing business in 178 economies.

Ordered by the time and cost required to set, run and close a business, Eastern Europe and Central Asia were the fastest reforming region this year. Latin America and East Asia were the slowest, with the exception of China, who implemented new private property rights and a new bankruptcy law.

Business climate rankings matter to women. Higher scores correspond to a higher number of women entrepreneurs and employees in an economy. Forty-one percent of women in Rwanda run a small business but only 18 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where women need their husbands' consent to start a business.

Interestingly, though Brunei, Liberia and Luxemburg joined the list, nothing has changed on the very top or the bottom. As in the year before, Singapore ranks the first and the Democratic Republic of Congo as the last of the list. Egypt became the top reformer but Georgia, with its provocative media campaign, still holds a high spot. And while almost all countries, including Belarus, registered some positive reforms, Venezuela and Zimbabwe bucked the trend.

For complete listings and to create your own rankings visit the Doing Business site.

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