Doing Business in Colombia 2010

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DBColombia2010 The World Bank's Doing Business team has launched its second annual Subnational Colombia report. Colombia was among this year's top 10 reformers in the general Doing Business survey, with every city pulling its weight.

Each of the 13 regions previously benchmarked showed improvements in at least one of the areas measured. Over 75 percent of cities now offer one-stop shops to start businesses.

Doing business is easiest in Manizales, Ibagué and Pereira, and more difficult in Cali and Cartagena.

One of my favorite aspects of the subnational reports is that they showcase how different regions within the same country can learn from each other. A hypothetical Colombian city that adopted all the best practices identified in this report would rank 17th of 183 countries globally -- 20 places ahead of Colombia’s position in the global Doing Business 2010 report.

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