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The first week of the online discussion brought well over 200 readers to the forum – we are hoping that this second week will see more of our readers actively engaging with the discussion by posting comments.  All of the posts from our first week (see the links on the right margin under "Private Education Forum") will remain open for some weeks yet before we begin to draft our summary.  Please contribute to those issues as well.

We shift direction somewhat in week two, by raising questions about how the public policy makers and the private sector might engage in dialogue in order to achieve regulation that best meets the needs of the country and yet allows for innovation by the private sector.  Our questions to focus this week’s discussion are:

Should government involve private providers in policy and decision making relating to the role of the private sector?

If so, what are the most effective mechanisms for doing this?

If not, why not?

To contribute to the discussion, simply scroll to the bottom of any posting to where it says "Post a Comment." Please remember to include your name with any comments - an email and web address are optional. And here is an introduction to the forum.

Svava Bjarnason
Senior Education Specialist


Suzanne Roddis
Manager, EdInvest

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